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It is true for office furniture to keep up with the times

With the changing of the times, people require much more for office environment. Innovative, warm, healthy and pressure-free are the ones that people yearn for at work. From the concept to the environment, hardware, software and technology, office industry has gone through dramatic changes. At present, domestic furniture industry is in the crucial period of transformation. For the development of office furniture industry, it is the most basic and important first step to know about the market as well as the office working way and work concept that employees yearn for and need.

New development direction of the sales model of office furniture

Office furniture belongs to large commodity and it is “experience-oriented” for a long time. Under the limitation of quality of the commodities purchased online varies and target customer group is small, online shopping mall cannot bring real experience to customers in a period of time in the future, so that physical stores still possess incomparable advantages. For most office furniture and home building materials, especially big commodities, their characteristics of individualized and durable consumption make live experience rather important to customers.

How to maintain office furniture? Are there any taboos?

As we often contact with office furniture every day, it needs timely maintenance to effectively prolong its use life. Then, how to maintain office furniture? Are there any taboos? Let’s take a look.

Notes to the cleaning and maintenance of office furniture

When cleaning the furniture, please ensure the cloth to be clean first. After cleaning or wiping the dust, please ensure to turn over or change another clean cloth and then use it again. Don’t be lazy and use the dirty side of cloth repeatedly, in which way the dirt will rub furniture surface over and over again and it will damage the bright and smooth surface.

What’re the key points in selecting the materials of office furniture?

When customizing office furniture, the first priority is choosing the compactness of sheet materials. When purchasing sheet materials, find the part having not been sealed to see its sheet materials. As we all know that wood is a very important basic material in furniture making and decoration. The quality of sheet materials will directly impact the service life of our furniture. Generally, we may hear some words we are familiar with, such as solid wood, particle board and density board when purchasing plate furniture. Is there anything that we need to take special consideration about these wood and sheet materials?

Office furniture to keep up with the times

Then, what’s the current development trend of office furniture industry? The proposition of too much interaction and lack of privacy are changing is a pseudo-proposition compared with previous ideas. However, such voice becomes fiercer and fiercer.