How to maintain office furniture?



How to maintain office furniture?

1. Rattan or bamboo articles will gather dirt and discolor after a long time use. At this time, saline solution can be used to wipe it, which not only removes the dirt, but also makes it soft and resilient. At ordinary times, wipe it with wet towel to keep it clean.

2. Making tea on big office desk or the tea table having fire-proof plate, it will leave ugly dirt over time. At this time, you can spray some water on the desk or table, clean with the tinfoil taken from inside the cigarette box and the tea dirt can be wiped out.

3. It will leave hot marks on the paint surface of solid wood office desk or furniture, when hot cups or dishes are put on it directly. Generally, the mark can be wiped out only taking a cloth with some kerosene, alcohol, toilet water or strong tea, or smear iodine or Vaseline and wipe it with cloth after two days.

4. Some comburents, such as spark, cigarette ash or matchstick that hasn’t gone out may leave scorch on paint surface of furniture at times. If only the paint surface is scorched, take a toothpick wrapped by a layer of fine hard cloth to wipe it. Then, wax it and the scorch can be removed.

5. Adhesive residue will be left on the glass office desk after tearing away the trademark, and it is sticky and dirty. At this time, crude eraser can be used to clean it. Chewing gum on the floor also can be cleaned with eraser.

6. White-board office desk and white office chair are very easy to be soiled, but it is not easy to be cleaned up. At this time, you can try to squeeze some toothpaste on the cloth and the dirt on furniture can be cleaned only with a gentle wipe. Please don’t wipe it too hard to prevent from hurting the paint surface.

7. Once paint surface of the furniture is scratched but it doesn’t hurt the wood, crayon or pigment sharing the same color with the furniture can be used to smear the scratch, cover the exposed grounding and then smear a thin layer of transparent nail polish.

8. When wooden furniture, sofa, tea table or floor is cracked, you can cut old newspapers into pieces, add proper amount of alums and use water or rice water to boil it into paste, then use knife to put it into the crack and trowel it. It will become very firm after drying. Then paint the same color and the wooden articles will return to the original look.

9. Once the backboard of furniture or sofa deforms affected with damp in a large area, it should be replaced. Four feet of furniture should be level; otherwise, uneven stress will deform it. Please try not to add a mirror on the push-pull door of wardrobe; otherwise, too big or too heavy mirror will pull down the door and deform the guide.

10. Once the electroplated switch of electric appliance is often touched, it will tarnish and be eroded by sweat. At this time, Vaseline can be used very often to prevent the erosion of salt.

11. At ordinary times, please wax the wooden furniture, sofa and tea table regularly. Products like Pledge are suggested. Only if the articles are maintained very often, they can still look new.

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How to maintain office furniture?

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Notes to the cleaning and maintenance of office furniture

When cleaning the furniture, please ensure the cloth to be clean first. After cleaning or wiping the dust, please ensure to turn over or change another clean cloth and then use it again. Don’t be lazy and use the dirty side of cloth repeatedly, in which way the dirt will rub furniture surface over and over again and it will damage the bright and smooth surface.

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